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Janice Michels

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    Janice M. Michels was born on April 17, 1949, in Buckhannon, WV. She was the eldest child of seven children born to Russell and Kathleen Crawford. Growing up in Upshur County, she attended Alton, Adrian, Arlington, and Kanawha Head schools. In Tyler County, she attended Alma Grade School and spent two years at Tyler County High School. She graduated from Doddridge County High School in 1967. She graduated from Marshall University on August 21, 1970. On August 28, 1970, she married James Michels. She was the mother of two daughters, Carren McClurg and Sara Knight. She was ‘Mammy’ to six grandchildren, Kyle Knight, Lydia Knight, Ryan McClurg, Evan Knight, Cayla McClurg and Audrey Knight, all of Morgantown, WV.

     While living in Sacramento, CA, Janice taught at Merryhill Schools for two years. After returning to West Virginia she and her family lived in Morgantown, WV. For three years Janice taught in Arthurdale and Masontown in Preston County. While living in Morgantown and teaching full time, she earned a master’s degree on May 16, 1976. In 1976 she and her family moved to West Union, where she was hired as a teaching/principal at Middle Island Grade School. On August 16, 1991, Janice completed requirements for a master’s degree in administration. When the new Doddridge County Middle School opened in 1992, Janice was the new principal. Under her leadership, the school did receive recognition as a WV School of Excellence.

     In August of 2005 she was hired as interim superintendent of Doddridge County Schools, later being hired as the superintendent. When she became superintendent, not ‘one shovel of dirt’ had been turned on building the new high school, even though it had been ‘in the works’ for some time. It was a big undertaking, but she was up to the challenge. On February 23, 2008, a dedication ceremony was held and the school was officially opened. Tours were given, speeches were made and refreshments were shared. It was a tremendous morale booster, everyone was so proud.

     Janice had planned to retire on June 30, 2011, after 40 years of faithful service to all she served in education. On January 19, 2011, she received a diagnosis of stage four lung cancer (having never been a smoker) which had spread to multiple spots in the bone. She decided to retire at the end of February, 2011. Later on, one visitor asked about treatments and she said she was not going to do chemotherapy. He asked, “Are you just going to ride out the storm?” she responded, “I’m just going to ride out the storm.” She died on Monday, June 6, 2011, at approximately 8:20 AM, surrounded by her husband and daughters.

     The superintendent, Mr. Rick Coffman stated “Janice Michels was a morally strong person and a tireless worker who unselfishly devoted 35 of her 40 years in education to Doddridge County Schools as a dedicated teacher, Principal and Superintendent”. He reported that the faculty and staff at each of the three county schools had wanted to donate to a fund in honor of Janice. Others have mentioned to me that some have discussed this as well and asked if I (her husband) had any objections to this taking place. I did not. Donations have already begun, mine among them. To me, Janice was a remarkable person. I say person because I feel her ability went beyond gender. She was a remarkable person. She overcame many obstacles in her life to achieve her positions. Her character, integrity, honesty and work ethic were all amazing, and she would do what she had to do to get the job done right. A common theme from people who interacted with her and worked with/for her was that she was very compassionate and treated everyone with respect and dignity. Many people have shared instances where Janice helped someone with a problem or needed a letter from her or a decision from her about a particular situation, I was not aware of many of these events when they took place. She was just doing her job to the best of her ability. To me and I am sure many others, Janice did not disappoint. In life, as well as death, she was brave and courageous. She will be greatly missed.

                                              Jim Michels

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